Centreville Bank, Coventry, RI

This large branch interior presented some design challenges, so we created zones to segment the overall space into discrete areas of activity. The interior design was consistent with other branches in the network in terms of brand standards, finishes, and furniture, with a more transitional flavor.

Two pods were installed to replace the teller line with three stations at each, one of which is a sit-down. There is a seated waiting area and branded café with a graphic wall that includes a beverage bar and high chairs.


Graphic walls featuring vibrant community locations greet the visitor upon entering the branch. There are other branding elements, including brushed aluminum signage above doorways, and subtle gray logos along the gray wall behind the pod.

The client wanted a flexible community space that could be used after hours. The community space consists of an informal seated area and a more formal conference type room. These are connected to a back hall, bathrooms and a break room. The entire section can be locked off and made available to the public around the clock. A new exterior door was installed for access to these facilities. 


Coventry, RI

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