United Bank - Citiplace Branch, Hartford

This branch fit-out project was United’s first real attempt at creating a modern, city-feeling branch. We had to capture a compact, split-level, urban atmosphere that was bright and fresh. It was a complicated space to design in order to meet all needs for things such as ADA bathrooms, water fountains, three offices, a workroom for the safe, etc.

This particular space is situated above a sub-street parking garage, so the weight of the vaults plus the recyclers was significant for such a small footprint. As a result, we had to install a lot of structural steel under the branch in the garage, and spray-apply fireproofing, etc.

There are two pods with recyclers, and three private, open-topped, glass-walled offices comfortably configured in the platform. Pendant lights and suspended clouds were used to provide lighting throughout the entire space.

This downtown Hartford branch is perfect as a desirable and popular banking spot for the city’s lively and cosmopolitan population.

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Hartford, CT

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