Seasons Federal Credit Union, Middletown

We renovated Season’s main office in Middletown, CT office, which is also the busiest in the network.  The teller line was removed and all teller transactions and some other activities are now conducted via video tellers (ITMs).  There are two universal banker locations where people can have a more personal consultation, or be brought to private offices if they want to do more complicated transactions.  Everyday deposit, withdrawal, and account inquiries, as well as some more extensive types of activities, can be done through the ITM, and the universal bankers can assist members who are unfamiliar in using the technology. 

The total branch space was 2,905 sq. ft.  We divided this into two sections; 1,850 sq. ft. which is now the transformed branch, and 1,055 sq. ft. which is now the call center.  The main public access area includes three private offices and the ITM video teller wall.  Behind this wall is where the work stations are for the video tellers.  We branded the walls behind the video tellers, so the experience has some identity and feels seamless within the branch environment.

As members enter the branch, there’s an interactive digital wall area in the vestibule.  The graphics and other design elements were a collaborative effort between the credit union’s marketing department and our team at Solidus

The floor is a beautiful oakwood grain porcelain plank.  We also installed soffits.  The acoustics were initially bad due it being such a small area, and so were very loud and lacking privacy, which you want if you’re conducting business on an ITM.  To remedy this we installed an acoustical wall covering that softened the sound. 

The result is a vibrant member experience with superb branding, cutting edge technology and universal bankers, in a 1,850 sq. ft. branch space.        


Middletown, CT

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