CorePlus Federal Credit Union

Solidus was chosen to perform a redesign of an underutilized platform area for better efficiency and to project a warmer, more inviting feel to the branch. We responded with a dazzling solution that transformed and invigorated the branch.  The Member Services Staff are now stationed in glass-walled offices to create a more open effect, and the main platform space is now 2,800 square feet.

An existing large, high vaulted ceiling in the platform area, with skylights was incorporated into the inspired interior design.  We modernized and painted it, adding stained wood trim that matched the general branding theme.

Among the branch transformational elements, we built two dialogue towers with cash recyclers and installed flat screen TVs and a computer station with a privacy partition. The towers were angular and finished in a combination of wood grain laminate and gray quartz. One of the towers has a long sit-down desk incorporated into one side, and a stand-up counter on the other. 



Norwich, CT

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