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"Branches need to be designed by data, for each specific market, or they stop being relevant." - Mark Charette, CEO

what is data-driven design?

Data-driven design is a new way to locate and build banks and credit unions, based on the analysis of granular socioeconomic and demographic data. Solidus is leading the way across New England, renovating and building branches according to this new set of rules. Traditional teller lines are being replaced by pods. Products and services are presented to the client via multimedia displays. Novel audiovisual technologies enable customers to perform banking tasks that once required human tellers. In addition, a new generation of enticing merchandising elements can enhance your consumer appeal.

We build traditional, transitional, and ultra-contemporary teller pods or dialogue towers for banks.

customer experience and the universal banker

Branch ROI springs from enhanced customer experience and engagement. When your branch visitors feel a connection to your staff, brand, and core values, their loyalty intensifies. This is achieved through universal bankers located in dialogue towers, which removes barriers and encourages interaction; the universal banker is now free to walk around the tower to greet customers, which makes a huge difference. Cash recyclers installed in the towers do the work, as your universal banker develops deeper relationships and cross-sells through conversation. We can build you the ultimate dialogue banking experience, where your brand can become part of the community and stand out among the competition. 

Solidus builds banks and credit unions from the ground up in all six New England states.

The Branch as a community Learning resource

The role of financial institutions is transitioning from that of cash office to a more universal financial experience. Branches are now a community resource for people seeking expanded services. We can customize your branch space, making it into a place of consultation and education, where your customers learn to trust your advice and buy more deeply into your products and services. 

branches designed around distribution channels
The transformed branch of today is designed with more than just aesthetics in mind. We will definitely build you a beautiful space in which to do business, but more importantly it will be designed to save you money and improve your branch ROI. We do this by determining the highest-priority distribution channels for individual branches. This way, you don't waste money over-investing in too-large branches, or miss an opportunity to place a flagship branch in a prime neighborhood. When branches are designed based on their markets and distribution channels, you boost customer appeal and can utilize branding and visibility in all the right places.

We design bank branch platforms for any kind of custom specifications.


Today's customer demands access to branches whenever he or she wants it; convenience is king. Consequently, branches are shrinking while simultaneously offering more services than ever before. Smaller branches can be sited in busy niche locations that full-sized branches cannot. Additionally, micro-branches can reduce building and operating costs by as much as 50%. Smaller, leaner branches, where customers can have face-to-face interactions with branch staff, are growing in value as vehicles for capturing greater wallet share. We are building branches as small as 750 square feet that are branch ROI superstars. Contact Solidus today to discuss the wonders of the micro-branch. It could well be worth your while. 

Our expert designers create aesthetic bank branches as well as efficient, functional ones.

Branding and Retail Communications

The Solidus retail communications team has many decades of branding and design experience for financial institutions. They can create a unique customer journey that characterizes your organization as a valuable and relevant community presence. They can design destination points that attract attention and inform customers of your full range of products and services. Your community bank or credit union has a personality you want your customers to trust, and it's in the physical branch where this trust is earned. We provide full branding and merchandising services for the financial industry that make every visit a memorable one. 

areas of expertise

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