Ergonomics, Function, and Style, with Branding and Decor to Match

When the data-driven construction part of the Project Execution is complete, we install furnishings and other finishing touches. This includes flooring and window treatments, the telephone system, and IT infrastructure. It's at this point that the retail communications and brand merchandising elements are installed. When all of these components crystallize, the true beauty and power of your new business space springs to life. All you have to do is turn the key and walk right in.
We will furnish your business space harmoniously using the best quality ergonomic products.

The second part of Phase 3 is the icing on the cake. The client now opens the door and dazzles their clientele with a brand new, sumptuous business environment.

  • The telephone system, Information Technology infrastructure, and other technologies are integrated.
  • Commercial floor coverings and window treatments are fitted according to interior design specifications.
  • Retail communications, branding, and merchandising elements are built into their respective retail zones.
  • Everything is covered under our trust-based one-page contract.
  • There is a two-year warranty on all the work we do (we've never had a single client come back to us with a problem in over a decade). 
  • The grand opening/ribbon cutting ceremony is performed if applicable, and the Executive and Construction VP's close out the account.
  • The Project Manager settles any outstanding issues and closes out the project with Finance.

Commercial furniture completes the effect of your new retail or office environment.

Furnishing Your Place of Business

Our furniture partner, OFI, is the region's number one resource for commercial interiors. OFI offers a broad selection from numerous furniture lines, including the crème de la crème of commercial furnishers, Herman Miller. Our furniture people will design for reliability, ergonomics, aesthetics and more. Also, our 3-D computer-aided models enable you to make maximum use of the space available during the programming phase.

Solidus works with its strategic partner to furnish your space once we've performed the construction. 

FURNITURE has evolved

Furniture plays a bigger role in today's office and retail environment than ever before. In decades past, office furniture was emotionless, gray and forgettable. Cost was the chief reason for choosing one "style" over another. Desks, chairs and cubicles were mere objects. This has changed. A lot.

Nowadays, creative and functional forms of furniture add more than just personality to your space. Serious designers have turned their talents to office environments, radically remaking then as places that are sleek, functional and fun. Solidus works with the region's leading furniture resource OFI to deliver next-generation furnishing options from the top designers in the world. 


Today's office functions as a home from home for many employees. OFI will excite you with quality affordable solutions from numerous furniture lines, based on assessments of your furniture requirements and other factors connected to your brand image.  

Your New England business will have ambiance and style when Solidus complete the final phase, including furnishings.


Brand visibility and retail communications are crucial to your business success. For this reason, we perform a critical analysis of the floor plan to generate the optimal customer experience. Our specialists determine the most effective use of your messaging in the programming phase. This will support your existing efforts in conveying your value proposition to customers. Most notably, we do all this at highly-competitive prices.

We furnish commercial and retail space with both traditional and contemporary furniture styles.

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