Integrated Project Delivery: Success Through Collaboration

Solidus uses a data-driven construction method known as Integrated Project Delivery on every project. Integrated Project Delivery promotes mutual trust and respect between the builder and client. It is a group effort, focused on project outcomes rather than each discipline being concerned only with their individual goals. Architects, contractors, facilitators, designers, estimators, end-users (the client and their employees), and others are all involved at the very start of the design process. As a result, architects, designers, and others are collectively aware of the consequences of their decisions, and issues are detected and addressed long before they are executed. 

Solidus construction crew working on a project in Connecticut.

Our construction team are valued for their knowledge and relationship-building skills. 

Our Project Managers and Site Superintendents are seasoned professionals, experienced in working on all types of commercial building projects across New England. Our elite vetted tradesmen have used the collaborative approach for years with great success. Seamless hand-offs from one trade to the next are the norm for our craftsmen, not the exception.

The "Build" piece of our DesignBuildFurnish® deliverable functions as follows:

Phase 3 - Project Execution

Phase 3 covers both the Build and Furnish segments of the project. We build knowing we've planned everything properly, giving our clients peace of mind.

  • The Construction VP and Field Manager will introduce the site superintendents and their teams to the new site.
  • The Estimator remains in contact with the rest of the team throughout the entire process.
  • The Project Manager stays in constant contact with the site superintendent and client, monitoring any change or other requests from the client.
  • The Executive VP and Project Manager are available to meet with the client on site to address any questions.
  • The Construction VP and Field Manager oversee the work through to its conclusion.
  • Following final walk-thru's by leading stakeholders, a final walk-thru with the client is done, and a final punch list is generated.

Solidus uses elite tradesmen to collaborate on their integrated construction projects in the New England region.


The collaborative method we use is certainly worthy of discussion, but the buildings we create are the real talking point. Solidus designs and builds commercial environments that are not just efficient, cost-saving structures, but which also exemplify the very latest models in their class. When we transform a bank branch in New England, we bring it into a new era. When we redesign an office space, we ensure a maximum positive impact that engages employees. When we build medical offices, we build according to the new industry paradigm that includes educational spaces and digital interaction. Solidus is leading the New England region into a new era of commercial and retail design and construction.

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