Sandy Dixon & Associates (SDA) can take you on a deep dive into all aspects of branch transformation. President and CEO Sandy Dixon is an internationally renowned expert on technology, process improvement, and enhancing the customer experience. She can improve process management, branch network performance, return on investment, and more. Sandy is also a leading resource on the "universal banker" model.

SD and Associates are pioneers in branch transformation.

Branch Transformation

SDA has pioneered this concept from the outset. They'll deliver the latest in transformational banking methodology, as well as improve your process management and retail strategy. If you want your branches to be more profitable and outperform the competition, contact Sandy Dixon & Associates for a consultation. 

Branches designed holistically perform better and provide enhanced customer experience.

A Strategic Roadmap

SDA will create strategic roadmaps that make planning your institution's future direction much easier. Their objective insight will help you visualize and communicate your priorities more clearly, highly customized to your requirements. Discover your future needs now, and evolve with insight.

Sandy Dixon

Sandy Dixon is an internationally-recognized speaker on branch transformation.
Sandy Dixon is an internationally recognized pioneer of transformational banking. She's traveled extensively speaking about all aspects of retail banking, operations, and strategy, based on a long-term successful career in the industry. Her expertise has been earned over many years in the field, surmounting teachable moments and finding solutions to new problems in a rapidly evolving industry.

SD and Associates can demystify the banking technology selection process.

Banking Technology

With so many technology choices out there vying for your attention, you need an authority voice to help make the best call for your branch system. SDA will provide comprehensive direction on every piece of technology you need to create an efficient, holistic experience for your valued customers. Don't be blinded by technology, be decisive and informed. 

Branches must be designed holistically so that all the elements work together.

The Holistic Branch

SDA can bring it all together for you: dialogue banking, the multi- and omnichannel experience, your vision, culture and core values. Deliver the ultimate consumer experience by giving your customers exactly what they want and manage the key policies and processes that ensure it all works.

Dick Dixon

Dick Dixon, of SDA, is an experienced CFO who works with financial institutions.
Dick Dixon offers superlative insight and advice from the CFO perspective. He determines business case analyses for financial institutions undergoing branch transformations, process improvements and multi/omnichannel projects. He has overseen revenue budgets in the billions of dollars, and was a key financial figure in the largest healthcare merger in Texas as CFO of Scott & White Healthcare.

SD and Associates, pioneers of branch transformation.

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