The design and construction of more efficient branches is our core mission, but our capabilities extend far beyond that. Our sister company Accubranch, and strategic partner Sandy Dixon and Associates, together complete our advanced strategic offering, with a comprehensive suite of services ranging from branch location science to transformational banking roadmaps.

Solidus built this stunning Bankwell branch in Norwalk, CT.

The NBS Group

The NBS Group is a full-service management consulting firm that partners with financial institutions to provide solutions to complex challenges in a timely and cost-effective manner. NBS professionals have been providing advisory, technology, strategy, operational efficiency, assurance and project support services to banks for over 25 years.

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Sandy Dixon & Associates - Transformational Banking Made Simple.

The branch transformation process isn't over when you step into your new retail environment; it is only the beginning. International banking experts Sandy Dixon & Associates can guide your retail strategy and help you enhance the customer experience at a lower cost.

Sandy Dixon and Associates are the nation's leading branch transformation strategists.

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