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Our commitment to building great long-term relationships with our clients doesn't stop there. We're also dedicated to maintaining solid and rewarding relationships with our vetted and insured sub-contractors. Thanks to our collaborative approach and their sterling performance, we can make the unique guarantees we do with regard to project price and deadlines. 

It's been a wonderful experience doing business with Solidus. We have worked well together for the past two years and I hope to continue to do business with them for many more. In a time when some contractors express an “us against them” attitude, business with Solidus always feels like a partnership. The approach always focuses on how we can be more successful together. The company clearly employs people who champion the team spirit, starting with the estimating and project management departments and continuing through the accounting and the site superintendents.  

Over time, industry trends have seen general contractors and project owners stringing out payments due, and in effect making subcontractors finance projects. This has never been the case with Solidus. Every payment due to me has been made in a timely manner and within the contract terms. As any business owner can tell you this is a key to successful long-term relationships.

If the world was filled with more companies like Solidus my job would be easier and certainly more enjoyable.

Jeffrey P. Davenport, Founder, Davenport Construction, Warwick, RI


Hutchins Electric has completed multiple projects for Solidus over the past five years and we love working with them. They pay our invoices in a timely manner and they run their projects efficiently and professionally. Their entire staff is a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them.

— David Lindsay, President, Hutchins Electric Corporation, East Greenwich, RI


We have been working with Solidus as a subcontractor for over 40 years. During that time we have seen how their unique Design-Build approach has positively impacted the projects that we have been involved with. This approach along with the professionalism of their staff over the years has made them a pleasure to work with. We have also been able to forge strong relationships with your office staff and field supers that have helped make all of the projects truly team efforts. 

— Andre Charbonneau, Owner, Andre Furniture, South Windsor, CT


We are an electrical company in CT and have been working for solidus for a little over 10 years. It’s been our pleasure to work alongside them on projects large and small from renovations to ground-up buildings. We have always experienced a wonderful atmosphere when working alongside them. The staff at solidus is always positive, friendly and helpful, from administrative employees to field supers and up to the owners. Our experience with them has been nothing short of great.

— Erik Petersen, Owner, Petersen Electric, East Haddam, CT

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