What’s the Best Use of Digital and Interactive Marketing Technology for Community Banks and Credit Unions?

Category: Uncategorized • October 5, 2017

Digital signage and interactive technology in community banks and credit unions add dimension and elevates the customer experience.  As a leading designer of retail branch environments, we work tirelessly to improve this aspect of the business.  The financial industry is currently undergoing a dramatic shift, with branding and retail communications becoming keystone elements in every branch transformation.  This means the bar is being raised continually and financial institutions have to adopt progressive attitudes to gain an edge on the competition.

Graphic and electronic marketing design for bank branches is a growing industry.

The branch is where the brand identity comes to life and inspires customers/members.

Digital displays in banks and credit unions can be effective in achieving various goals, as long as best practices are observed and their installation falls within local permitting guidelines.  This is true for both interior and exterior signage and displays. It is also important for marketing teams to know that deploying technology for technology’s sake can result in self-defeating overkill.  There’s a fine line between an eye-catching digital display and an intrusive and gimmicky installation that does nothing for the organization or its clients.  Expertise is required when designing these environments to established best practices.

Branch transformation centers around retail communications, branding and merchandising.

The modern branch must be welcoming, fresh, friendly and informative.

Today’s customer/member expects more from an average branch visit.  It’s now an experience rather than a simple transaction, and it begins before they’re even inside the building.  It’s when the financial institution’s brand truly comes to life for the client, and it must be consistent with branding across all channels.  The audiovisuals designed into the space must be appropriate for each retail zone, not assail the visitor too aggressively nor exist simply as pretty effects with no marketing intent behind them.  There is most definitely a science to it.  When your customers/members visit your branch, they have probably already experienced your brand at a distance.  It is important to make their visit to your nerve center memorable and stimulating for all the right reasons.  Live up to their expectations.

We recently had a conversation with Mitch Goss, CEO of Zero-In, one of our strategic partners and a leader in the world of digital and interactive retail messaging.  We discussed several important practical considerations that community banks and credit unions must take into account when implementing digital branded elements in their branches.  You can read the full article here, or click the button below.

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