Featured Project: CorePlus Credit Union in Norwich, CT

Category: Uncategorized • December 5, 2016

CorePlus Federal Credit Union wanted to redesign their underutilized platform area for better efficiency and to project a warmer, more inviting feel to the branch.  They also wanted the platform to be flexibly designed enough for them to hold financial educational seminars in the space. Solidus responded with a dazzling solution that transformed and invigorated the branch.

Solidus re-designed a credit union in New England, and completely transformed it.

A view of the CorePlus platform, showing dialogue banking towers, new branding, and a lounge area.

The main platform area was large enough to recapture a 700 square foot portion for back-of-house functions. As a result, it was now possible to bring other member services staff into the platform, stationed in glass-walled offices to create a more open effect. The main platform space is now 2,800 square feet.

Credit unions can be completely renovated and brought into a more modern context.

Left: A private computer terminal. Right: The vaulted ceiling and skylight can be seen above the lounge area.

There was also a large, high vaulted ceiling in the platform area, with skylights. Solidus was able to work around and incorporate this architectural feature into the inspired interior design, modernizing and painting it, and adding stained wood trim that matched the general branding theme.

Solidus is New England's premier branch transformation company for credit unions.

Glass-walled offices, flat screen TVs and matching millwork and furniture all round.

Lounge and office chairs were also compatible with the color standard of the branch. Check desks, computer desks, tables, dialogue towers and other millwork were all designed to match, or to complement the brand’s new pastel purple-blue color.

Dialogue banking towers with secure cash recyclers are revolutionizing credit unions.

A dialogue banking tower, or teller pod, will enhance member experience through deeper engagement with your organization.

Among the branch transformational elements, we built two dialogue towers with cash recyclers and installed flat screen TVs and a computer station with a privacy partition. The towers were angular and finished in a combination of wood grain laminate and gray quartz. One of the towers has a long sit-down desk incorporated into one side, and a stand-up counter on the other.

We build teller pods to satisfy a wide variety of criteria in terms of branch visitors.

This dialogue tower has a sit-down and a stand-up side, to cater to a variety of member preferences.

CorePlus now bursts with new vitality; members have a more stimulating branch experience, staff are able to interact with them more deeply, while more and better retail communications elements placed about the platform space inform them of products and services.

Renovation of a credit union can make a huge difference to the member experience.

This CorePlus branch is bright and modern, supported by the latest design and technology.

For comparison, here are some photographs of the “before” and “after” branch. Enjoy!

We transform old, tired teller lines in banks and credit unions into dynamic new experiences.

The teller line is now a much more attractive place.

We completely modernized a credit union in New England.

A view of the platform as it used to be, and today.


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