Featured Project: Marlborough Savings Bank, Hudson, MA

Category: Uncategorized • November 30, 2016

We recently completed the construction and furnishing of an eye-catching 1,900 square foot ground-up branch in Hudson, MA for Marlborough Savings Bank. Our architect designed the exterior and interior of the branch, which we tailored to the bank’s new color standard and added a generous dash of chic for good measure.

Solidus built a small contemporary bank branch that truly answers the question, "what is branch transformation?"

This beautiful branch features superlative branding and dialogue banking features.

Two dialogue banking towers, one seated and one standing, greet branch visitors as they enter, both fitted with cash recyclers and branded with the bank’s new look logo. The trademark Marlborough “M” is incorporated into the central privacy partition on the dialogue towers, adding to the “almost art deco” feel. There’s also a graphic wall depicting the bank’s history and a flat screen TV.

An art deco dialogue banking tower in a branded New England branch of Marlborough Savings Bank.

The sit-down pod with its inbuilt branding, cash recyclers, and overhead ceiling cloud embodies the branch transformation concept.

 There are two large circular “cloud” features with recessed lighting on the ceiling, designed to complement the themed brand identity. There is also a beverage center and tech bar, as well as a check desk, all built in the same distinctive style.

A New England bank branch with a cafe section and tech bar.

The Cafe and tech bar, with glass-walled offices beyond, complements the overall branch style.

The internal offices in the branch were constructed using transparent glass walls to provide a sense of openness and allow the merchandising materials throughout the branch to be visible from all perspectives.

Solidus interior bank branch designers created this modern and distinctive branch in Massachusetts.

An internal office with a community-focused collage, glass walls, and conference table.

The flooring in the branch was a combination of hard-wearing wood plank ceramic tile and carpet, which were selected to be consistent with other branch elements.

The branding for this Massachusetts bank branch included all exterior hardware.

The drive-up ATM, finished in the new color standard, at the drive-thru.

The bank exterior features a drive-up ATM and 24-hour depository safe, finished in the new color standard, with the new brand design and product and service information. At the entrance to the parking lot there’s a prominent branded pylon sign which displays the time and temperature.

Exterior signage for banks is important for visibility and brand recognition.

The exterior pylon sign at the entrance to the bank’s parking lot.

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