New Accubranch Website Launched. Complete Real Estate Services for Financial Institutions in New England and Texas

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Accubranch, New England’s leading data-driven site selection and real estate resource for financial institutions, has launched its brand new website, The new website gives a much more detailed account of Accubranch’s services, which include:

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Strategic Planning

This is the starting point for most progressive organizations. Strategic planning involves identifying trade areas to focus upon for expansion, and determining who your competition is within a given market. The market’s size, and the dominant participants in that market area are important parameters to consider. Accubranch has vast experience in providing valuable intelligence in this regard.

Powerful software to determine the optimal performing locations for new bank branches.

Accubranch uses powerful software to determine the optimal performing locations for new bank branches.

Market Feasibility

Can your target real estate market support the new branch you plan to site there? Accubranch can characterize market areas based on specific drive times relative to selected nodes. They can then geo-locate where your best customers and target businesses are, and identify those markets best suited to your organization.

Location Analysis

Using data to drive research, combined with physical investigations of the trade area, the Accubranch team identifies and sorts all potential branch locations by rank based on your organization’s requirements. Notably, they will include sites with high potential that are not currently offered on the market, with a view to negotiating a lease or purchase arrangement.

Accubranch find market locations for new bank branches across New England.

Expert advice is needed to place the right kind of branch in the perfect market niche.

Deposit Estimators

It is important to perform Deposit Estimators for the highest ranked branch locations. These studies provide deposit projections for the bank’s first five years in business at that location. Return on Investment can then be calculated.

Bank branch design and location in New England one by the experts, Accubranch and Solidus.

Branch location can influence everything from branch model to exterior architecture.

Lease or Purchase

Accubranch guarantees that all work is performed on a confidential basis. The client’s identity is never revealed to landlords or sellers and they’re kept well informed throughout the entire lease or purchase process. This way, the client’s financial interests are protected, and can make timely lease or buy decisions.


A key aspect of property acquisition involves obtaining land use permits from local and state authorities. These permitting processes can be difficult and protracted. Accubranch has the experience to fast-track your branches to functioning status, saving you time, effort and money.

Using a branch location expert will save financial institutions time and money, as well as boost branch ROI.

Accubranch has helped numerous financial institutions find optimal branch locations across New England.

Accubranch Expanding Into New Territory

The website launch coincides with Accubranch’s expansion into new territory: Texas. The Texas office is in the very capable hands of Howard Etheridge. Howard has been a transformational leader and has occupied executive positions in finance, sales operations and marketing. His background in growing revenues and expanding product and service offerings in target markets makes him the go-to person in Texas for banks and credit unions planning to expand their networks. The Accubranch Texas office is in Dallas, and serves the entire state.

Accubranch provides expert consultation and real estate services for new bank branch locations.

Accubranch is a sister company of Solidus and has been in operation since 2009. They work at the forefront of branch site selection for banks and credit unions, employing human research, software, and data to determine optimal locations for branches. The financial industry is now taking advantage of location science, which has been used in other industries to great effect. Companies like Visit the Accubranch website, and learn more about branch site selection for banks and credit unions.

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