Branch Refurbishment Project: Salisbury Bank, Lakeville, CT

Category: Uncategorized • April 4, 2016

Solidus has recently performed work on several branches of Salisbury Bank. One of the projects was a refurbishment, at the Lakeville branch, in the beautiful Berkshires. This traditional style branch interior was designed with the Berkshires style very much in mind.

Dialogue towers with recyclers speed up transaction times and encourage customer engagement.

Closeup of a cash recycler, installed in a dialogue tower at Salisbury Bank in Lakeville.

We replaced the existing teller line with dialogue towers and cash recyclers, and swapped out the old check desk with the signature Salisbury fish tank. In addition to enhancing the customer experience, cash recyclers help with process refinement, save money, and provide consistency across branch network operations.

We installed a large fishtank that required shoring up support in the basement.

The signature fish tank with new offices in the background.

New doorways were created, others were filled in, and a new conference room was built opposite the dialogue towers. Some features, such as the fireplace and regional artwork, were preserved.

Dialogue towers and retail floor in Salisbury Bank, Lakeville, CT.

The branch still feels traditional, with a Berkshires sensibility, but the technology is state-of-the-art.

The dialogue towers themselves were set up during a long weekend. Structural work was performed in the basement underneath the towers and the fish tank to support their weight.

Traditional New England bank branch with pods and cash recyclers.

A view across the Salisbury Bank, Lakeville, showing the cash recycler in the foreground.

Our crew worked weekends on this project, completing it in three phases lasting three weeks each.

Some offices were demolished and refurbished extensively. The ornate trim was retained as it matched the fireplace and original cornices around the windows.

An efficient bank branch with redesigned transactional capabilities.

Dialogue tower finished in a rich finish to match Salisbury’s branding pallet.

The ceilings were removed and modernized; large curving soffits with pendant lighting and spotlights.

A bank branch transformation in Lakeville, Connecticut.

These dialogue towers can service four customers simultaneously, if necessary. Note privacy partitions and both sit-down and stand-up stations.

In addition, we renovated the bathrooms, created a new lobby, and converted a drive-thru window to a drive-up ATM.

Carpeting and walls were consistent with Salisbury’s pallet and we installed red wooden slat blinds in the windows. The regional flavor was retained, but with an upgraded, modern twist the locals love.

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