Featured Project: Finex Credit Union, ShopRite Supermarket, Manchester, CT

Category: Uncategorized • March 31, 2016

Finex Credit Union’s re-branding revolution continues, with a brand new micro-branch inside the ShopRite supermarket in Manchester, CT. (Solidius previously redesigned a credit union branch in Vernon, CT. This newest micro-branch was based on the Vernon branch in terms of branding, color scheme and materials. It is a stand-alone statement that Finex’s commitment to exceptional member experience differentiates itself through convenience. The micro-branch is adjacent to the supermarket’s pharmacy, and is central to the lives of its members.

Finex credit union is a good example of microbranches in New England.

The curved entryway into the Finex micro-branch.

As members approach the branch they’re greeted by a curved micro-lobby, with a curved wall on the right featuring two video ITM’s. Between the ITM’s is a large flat screen TV displaying relevant information about the financial institution and its members. Above the screen are words defining the Finex mission: Wherever you are. On the other side is a curved greeter station, where a staff member can help direct visitors.

Banks and credit unions now have more opportunities in New England markets.

The Finex logo appears in numerous places, including etched into glass.

The credit union logo appears via several media to varying degrees. As in the Vernon branch, the Finex “X” appears large on walls, and is also etched in the glass panels of a transparent wall and door. The gray and strong pink theme is present throughout, with the signature curves to walls and counters. The branch also has a fully private consulting space with a large flat screen TV for “smart office” functionality.

Advanced ATM's enable branch customers to perform many more tasks than previously.

ITM video terminals allow a personal experience for customers visiting the branch.

This branch truly is a micro-branch; it raises the bar on the average supermarket branch layout, because it comprises a multi-function setup with several touchpoints. This is expressed via the greeter station, the video terminals, and the consultation office.

Banks and credit unions are realizing the power of the micro-branch across New England.

Finex’s modern, boutique style is turning heads in Connecticut.

The Finex mission to bring extended service hours to their customers and positive experiences in their branches was accomplished at the Manchester ShopRite branch.

Microbranches even have small consultation offices for private conferences with customers.

The consultation office is equipped with ergonomic furniture and interactive technology.


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