Announcing a New Solidus Strategic Partner – Sandy Dixon and Associates

Category: Uncategorized • August 6, 2015

From Burlington to Barnstable, from Bangor to Bridgeport, Solidus is the leading builder for New England’s financial institutions. We’ve pioneered the art of integrated project delivery, we’ve revolutionized the process for finding new branch locations, and we’ve now added another hugely important piece to the business: Holistic strategy and expert advice on process improvement, retail, branding, and business case analyses for banks and credit unions across the region. We are able to do this thanks to the new relationship with SD & Associates the company is announcing here. Sandy Dixon is a well-respected industry figure with almost 40 years in the business. During that time, she’s overseen numerous pivotal moments in banking evolution, particularly in the last decade, and we’re delighted that her company has joined forces with Solidus.

Bank branch transformation done right.

Change and innovation – done the right way by the best consultants in the country.

Before forming SD & Associates, Sandy served as EVP/Group Executive Operations, of Extraco Banks, a $1.2BN institution in Central Texas. She oversaw several areas of Extraco operations, including Vault, Loan and Deposit Operations, Application Management, Debit Card Management, and an ATM channel that included 36 intelligent deposit ATMs. Sandy specializes in multi- and omnichannel concepts, and has applied her vast experience to other areas such as enhanced customer experience, and improving branch efficiences using teller capture technology and cash recyclers/dialogue towers. She is currently developing extensive knowledge and training bases for the universal banker model.

Branch banking has changed completely.

Roll over, Beethoven, Sandy’s in town.

The SD & Associates partnership enables us to offer our clients a deeper dive into the branch transformation process. We’ve functioned as a consultant to financial institutions for several years now, but we have been eager to penetrate further into the realm of proper education and strategics. Sandy excels as an adviser because, working as she has at the forefront of industry developments, she’s learned from making mistakes. As anyone who’s truly experienced in any field, she’s been sure to file away all of these “teachable moments” for future reference. Clients who invest in our enhanced services will be sure to benefit from this wealth of experience. And what’s more, Sandy’s business partner and husband, Dick Dixon, also brings tremendous value to the table.

Bank branch experts can teach institutions how to change.

Self-service tech bars; incredibly efficient if implemented properly.

In his time as a corporate CFO/COO, Dick oversaw mergers between the largest healthcare providers in Texas and some of the largest networks in the country. He’s also a nationally-recognized proponent of streamlined and innovative processes using integrated delivery. Dick is now focused on business case analysis for branch transformations in the financial industry. His expertise in financial impact assessment and distribution channel projects are proving valuable to clients seeking advice and guidance in managing large-scale changes to their business models while maintaining the bottom line.

A modern dialogue tower in an efficient bank branch.

The new face of banking represents deeper functions.

Sandy and Dick are in town this week, and are meeting with a small number of financial institutions in the New England region. As their reputation grows here, we anticipate more interest. Transitioning to the dialogue banking model is not something to be taken lightly. Expert advice is needed to ensure no disastrous technical glitches, training oversights, or design flaws occur, and Sandy and Dick Dixon are the leading national authority on all these issues and more. If you’re interested in learning more about Sandy Dixon and Associates, please contact Solidus and we can provide you with more information. It’s an honor to welcome them aboard.