Solidus’s New Offices are Sensational!

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We have now moved into our spacious new offices in Bloomfield, CT, designed by our own interior designers. And it’s sensational.

On March 24th, 2015, Solidus held a company-wide meeting to introduce all staff to the new space and make department presentations on the continued success and growth of the company. Notably, the offices were designed by our own interior design team. A photographer caught many of the superb features that make the property truly special to us.

The new Solidus HQ in Bloomfield, CT.

We love the awesome angled windows and contemporary feel.

The foyer features a large brushed steel Solidus keyhole logo

The inner office has an abstract theme; earth tones punctuated by bold colored partitions and panels. There’s natural wood and brushed steel. There are beautiful angled windows reminiscent of a luxury yacht. In the center of the building is a quadrangle, where team members can eat their lunch under the sun.

Solidus foyer in Bloomfield, CT.

The Solidus front door at our spacious new headquarters.


Solidus foyer features branding and tasteful furniture.

Our glam new foyer, with its beautiful decor, where someone is about to install a flat-screen TV.

Offices are arranged along two walls, one row of which overlooks the parking lot, the other the quad. Natural light is available in abundance here. There are also interior pods where business development staff work. The design area is enclosed in its own open-plan cube, next to the large table and drawers we use for storing construction and design drawings.

Solidus offices are designed for maximum natural lighting.

Some examples of personnel offices, showing quad and exterior views.

Solidus interior design team can craft custom retail communications for commercial spaces.

Scott Burgess working in the central pod where the interior design team are based. Also, Jen Miller at work in her naturally lit office.

Solidus interior office view.

Another view of the awesome color palette our interior designer Ray Whitledge conceived for the new Solidus headquarters in Bloomfield.

The main conference room is a suite of complementary colors; chairs match carpets match walls match furniture. There is also a collage which will be finished soon. An eleven by five-and-a-half foot grid of hi-def photographs, logos, symbols and a comic strip, the collage exudes all that we are. The grid is constructed from 22-inch square framed panels that can be swapped out for others as new images of our mission are created.

The Solidus conference room, packed for a company meeting.

A view through the interior window into the main conference room.

Solidus team prepare for a company meeting in their main conference room.

The grid collage is ready and waiting for the hi-resolution panels, which will illustrate some fine examples of our craftsmanship. Watch this space.

A week later:

large collage on the wall in Solidus conference room.

The Solidus collage, showing completed projects, company branding and our comic book.

The company meeting itself was conducted in a marvelous atmosphere. Solidus President John Charette was MC, and he welcomed several team members up to present the latest on their departments.

Mark and John Charette of Solidus presenting a company meeting.

Mark Charette (right) and brother John having fun with the team.

Scott Burgess from Interior Design and Retail Communications described the pressure his department felt at having to design an office environment for their coworkers, which raised a few laughs.

Solidus interior design team designed their own offices.

Scott Burgess describing the task of designing workspaces for our worst customer – ourselves. Ray Whitledge looks on, thoughtfully.

Bill Randall from Flooring gave a heartfelt thank you to his department for their work ethic and expertise.

Solidus flooring options and window treatments were a point of discussion at the meeting.

Bill Randall gave us a lesson in the finer points of flooring and window treatments.

Bob Fontaine provided an excellent overview of why he values the guys in the construction department.

Bob Fontaine of Solidus talking about construction of banks across New England.

Bob Fontaine, capturing the essence of what we actually do here: Build.

CEO Mark Charette closed out the meeting with an emotional show of gratitude for this well-oiled machine that is changing commercial construction across New England.


Solidus is based in Bloomfield, CT.

The sleek new foyer at the Solidus HQ.


Solidus headquarters new interior in Bloomfield, CT.

Green, creams, blues…and some warm lighting.


Solidus foyer, showing brushed steel company logo.

The view into the offices from the foyer.

Solidus group photograph.

Some of the group that attended the Solidus company-wide meeting on March 24th.

Bloomfield Mayor Sydney Schulman joined the meeting with his entourage for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at lunchtime, and the event was captured by a photographer.

Solidus ribbon-cutting ceremony in Bloomfield, CT.

Bloomfield Mayor Sydney Schulman cuts the ribbon across our new doorway.

The photographer also took pictures of each Solidus employee individually, to be featured on our new “Our Team” page. Check it out; you’ll see all the different Solidus teams that are changing the face of commercial real estate construction.

Solidus office workspace.

Another view of our welcoming interior…

Interior of Solidus offices.

Who said green and red don’t go together?

We’re all settled into our new home and loving the extra space. We needed it!

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